How to Upload your Photographs to the HAB Server at Cleveland State University

Uploading your photographs to the HAB server at Cleveland State University is fairly simple.  For security reasons, we have established a secure site; this means that you will need to use a software program called a secure FTP client to make the upload.  Lots of these are available; the only criterion is that it must be able to use Port 22.  Very common secure clients include PuTTY and FileZilla; others include Bitvise, MobaXterm, SmarTTY, Dameware SSH Client, mRemoteNG, Terminals, etc.  All of these are free programs for Windows.  FileZilla is also available for Apple.

Once you have loaded the FTP client on your computer, you will log into the CSU server and supply your User ID and Password.  For most of these clients, you simply click on what you wish to upload, and your materials are transferred to the server.

To enter the web site, please click here.

To find a suitable secure FTP client software and to see how to use it, please click here.